Your Encyclopedia of Dining Room Chairs

You would think that when you walk into Dining & Stools you could simply choose a dining room table and chairs within a matter of minutes. I mean, how difficult can it be, right? What most people don’t realize is that we have many different options to choose from, especially when it comes to dining room chairs. So, how do you know if you are choosing the right dining room chairs to suit your needs? We’ll give you a basic overview of each type of chair so you will be armed with knowledge and know exactly what you are looking for the next time you stop in.

Metal Chairs

Metallic chairs convey a more modern look. These chairs can have a matte finish like wrought iron or shiny like stainless steel. They are cushioned and upholstered using either plastic, vinyl or fabric which gives them either a traditional or a modern look. Metal chairs are often chosen for more informal dining room decors.

Acrylic Chairs

These chairs are made from the synthetic fibers that resemble clear plastic. Though it looks like glass, acrylic is stronger and more durable. They are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. These chairs are suitable for the modern as well as smaller dining rooms. One thing to keep in mind when choosing acrylic chairs is that due to their see-through nature, you will need to be vigilant about keeping them clean especially if you have small children.

Wooden Chairs

These are the most common option for both formal and informal dining chairs. They are available in the market in a broad array of finishes, shapes, and styles. Wooden chairs are highly versatile and can be easily refinished, stained, or painted to match any décor. They can also be distressed to give the room a vintage look.

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs put more emphasis on comfort. These chairs have a distinctive and extravagant look about them. They can be tailored to suit any decor by using different colors and patterns. Upholstered chairs can be employed for formal as well as informal dining rooms depending on the individual’s preferences.

Rattan or Wicker Chairs

These chairs are made of hand-woven fiber often of plastic or plant origin. The rattan chairs are light and serve to add both texture and style to the seat. They are suitable for informal dining rooms and often used for outdoor furniture. For indoor seating, fabric covered cushions may be added for additional comfort and style. Rattan chairs come in white as well as various shades of natural wood and add a lovely touch of nature to any dining room.
We’ve given you a pretty thorough overview of the main types of dining room chairs you can choose from. Some offer durability and affordability while others offer extravagance and style; some even offer a little of both! Whatever you choose, you know you can always find a great deal at Dining & Stools. Not sure which chair to choose? Stop in and let us know what your specifications are and we’ll point you in the right direction. It’s our pleasure.