Over the Top Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Bar Unique

Decorating your home bar by yourself can be somewhat overwhelming. Not only do you have lighting and flooring to consider, you also need to choose what type of bar and stools you prefer. Some like to have a specific theme to their home bar as well. The possibilities are endless. One thing everyone can agree on is that they want their home bar to be extraordinary.  Here are some ideas you can consider to help make your home bar look unique.

  1. Piano Bar: This option is for the music lover, and what a brilliant idea it is! If you have an old, unused piano in your home or know someone who is selling theirs for cheap, use it to decorate your home bar. The concept is interesting and will definitely surprise your guests. Who knows, maybe you even have a friend or two who knows how to play. Nothing like free entertainment!
  1. Bookcase Bar: A bookcase bar is a perfect place for everyone who wants to share their love of reading and fine drinks.  You can even convert your existing bookshelf into a bar. Since books and bottles are more or less the same size, you will be able to easily fit all your bottles on the shelf. Decorate with a few of the Classics for the full effect.
  1. Cabinet Bar: If you are suffering from a shortage of space, try converting one of your spare dining room cabinets into a bar. A cabinet is already a naturally ideal place to keep your bottles and glasses, so why not make the most of it?  You can even paint the cabinet black to give it a classier look.
  1. TV Bar: Do some yard sale snooping and see if you can find a TV that your neighbors don’t use anymore. We’re talking one of those old-fashioned stand televisions that will give your bar area a retro look. The space may not be huge, but it is good enough for a small sized home bar and will double as a great conversation piece.  
  1. Vintage Car Bar: If you have an old car just taking up space in your garage, we suggest turning it into a bar. Imagine your friends coming over and grabbing a cold one from the glove compartment! The space is large enough to accommodate a good number of drinks to keep your party goers satisfied for hours. This option also adds a classic feel to your party decor.
  1. Aquarium Bar: For all your friends who like to drink like a fish, this idea is great. Keep your whiskey bottles around the fish tank or better yet, place a piece of wood over top of the aquarium and voila! You have an aquarium bar. Place some bar stools around the aquarium to provide seating . If possible, install some hanging white lights. They are a fun addition, look great, and will give you the proper bar ambiance.
  1. Booze Drawer: If you really want to be creative, use one of the drawers in your kitchen to store your booze bottles. A deeper drawer would be able to accommodate quite a few bottles. If you have kids little children in your home or you want your alcohol bottles to be out of sight, then this idea would be quite fitting.
  1. Plants: Choose some of your favorite plants from your garden and use them to decorate your home bar. This would be a fabulous reminder of where most alcohol comes from; plants! Green or other colored bottles look great alongside plants. You can also use some fresh herbs like mint in your cocktails.
  1. Saddle Seats: This is exactly what you need if you want to give your bar an old western feel. Use some old saddles as your bar seats. The cowboys in the crowd will especially enjoy this unique addition to your home bar. For a little added fun, pass out inexpensive cowboy hats to your guests as they arrive to extend the western theme.
  1. Treehouse Bar: If you have a big, beautiful backyard this just may be the best bar option we’ve presented. Choose a large tree and build a treehouse bar. This bar doesn’t actually have to be in a tree; you can build a treehouse-type scene under your favorite tree in the yard. This also helps keep the party out of your house, keeping the indoor mess to a minimum.

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