The World’s Most Expensive Dining Room Tables

Dining tables are worthy of the investment. They decorate the dining area with a spark of taste and style. However, you should look for a timeless piece of furniture made with durable materials.
From dining tables made with exclusive materials, intricate designs or by renowned artist, the following is an overview of the most expensive dining tables in the world.

1. Tufft Table

Named after its creator Thomas Tufft, this ROCOCO style table was sold at an auction in Philadelphia for an enormous price of $4.6 million. It was hand carved in the late 1700s for Richard Edwards of Lumberton, New Jersey and it features long legs ending in narrow ankles, pierced fretwork and detailed ball and claw feet.

2. Parnian Desk

The Parnian Desk is made with 6 types of exotic wood including Carpathian elm and ebony. It is ideal for those who want to eat in style. Parnian finish is added to the exotic wood to add the trademark Parnian signature. This table took 5 months to create it was sold for $200,000.

3. The Knight Base Table

This piece of furniture will certainly become a statement piece in your dining room. Its creator Barlas Baylar, a New York based luxury furniture designer defines it as well as all his other creations to be inspired by design, art and architecture.
It is made of walnut with a bronze base and a natural finish. This piece intrigued Jay-Z and Beyonce so much that they purchased it for $70,000.

4. Massive Italian Veneto Walnut Center Table

No one could have thought that this table would sell for $66,400 close to 100 years after it was created. It is made from walnut with fluted carved pedestal that stands on 3 feet and it has two drawers. It can fit in perfectly in a luxurious 19th century dining room.

5. The Slab Table

Tyler Hays, a sculptor and a painter used his engineering and building skills to create this exceptional, handmade piece of furniture which sold for $62,000. It has digs, cuts and a strange pattern but it is made from one piece of pure slab Caro Walnut which is hand rubbed with oil to give the table a dark finish.

This slab table is ideal for those who appreciate luxury interiors and fine art and fits perfectly in a modern room with wood and metal finishes.

6. Incised Detail Dining Room Table

Created by Jeffrey Greene, a professional furniture designer with over 30 years of experience, this table has an African origin but a price of a luxury car. It is made of a solid curly African Bubinga top to which black African Wenge legs are added. Sold for $55,000, this dining table is described as seamless with a contemporary and stylish touch.

7. Race Table by John & Table

This dining table fetched $52,400 for John & Table, a Munich based creator, who designs fiber carbon tables for any taste. It has a black carbon fiber top with leather and Alcantara finishes and detailing. The table stands on 4 feet. The lightness and the durability of the material are some of the features that makes this table unique.

8. The Chinese Rose Wood Flower Carving Round Dining Table

Made from rose wood, this table has carvings on the margin and a center pedestal. The bird and flower carvings are detailed on both the table and the chair which makes up a unique accessory. It also has a rotating tray, similar to a lazy susan, which makes it easy to access different meals.
The details, the rose wood and the fact that it is quite heavy makes this dining table one of the most expensive in the world. It was sold for $49,800 to an unknown buyer.

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