The Evolution of Bar Stools

We all see and use bar stools from time to time in bars or businesses. You may have even gotten some for your house! However, have you ever thought about the history of these odd looking chairs? It may seem like an odd question at first, but why have bar stools instead of normal chairs?

The Birth of Bar Stools

Bar stools evolved from wooden chair forms that people used in the past. Back in yesteryear people used simple wooden chairs with three wooden legs. These were the most basic chair models that provided people with places to sit.

The original bar stool were common furniture. However, throughout the years they have evolved into a more specialized piece used in  bars, restaurants, or to add flair to a house or kitchen. The chairs took off between the 1950s and 1960s and were found in almost every restaurant or bar around. Currently, there are variety of bar stools with different styles that can be bought from Dining and Stools.  

The bar stools started changing shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and styles in the 1960s. People got more creative with them to have them fit the feeling they wanted in their house or business. Some have backings and are earthy colored, others might be simple and small with bright colors! There are all kinds of unique bar stools around, depending on the type of bar or restaurant you’re in.

Nowadays you can find these popular stools in all sorts of environments. Far from being restricted to just bars they are used to make a business seem more unique and can be found all over. You might have sat on these unique chairs in a diner, an ice cream parlor, or even coffee shops.

Bar stools, although originally made only in wood, can now be made out of either wood or metal. Additionally, they can be mobile or mounted. Many businesses prefer mounted versions so that they stay in place at the bar.

These unique looking chairs can be used to make your house or business seem more fun and inviting. Bar stools have become an important part of American culture. If you’re looking to add a fun piece of furniture to your business or home, go to Dining and Stools and find a bar stool with the right style and look for you.