Start Your Thanksgiving Planning With This Incredible Check List

Imagine yourself as a guest at a very large Thanksgiving get-together. Everyone is having a great time, smiling, laughing, mingling and talking it up. Everyone except one person. You easily recognize this person as the host. She is running in and out of the kitchen, trying to keep up with this and that. You can tell she is losing the battle. Does this sound familiar?

When you have been tapped to host Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends, you want to enjoy yourself as well. Within this article, you will discover how to create and use a party planning checklist effectively. This is your guide to the ultimate Thanksgiving party that you and your guests will be talking about all year long.

Before continuing, you must keep in mind that a party planning checklist is only your guide to creating and having an awesome Thanksgiving party. It will only work effectively if you have a detailed list and are able to execute each task efficiently. If you plan accordingly, acting on every item on your list will make for smooth sailing. Ironically, one thing to never forget is you may forget something. It’s not the end of the world. Just improvise and go with it. Life is full of adventures; your Thanksgiving party planning is one of them! Have fun with it.

The first item to put on the checklist is your guide to the party itself. This is your budget. Without a proper budget, you cannot make allowances for your guests and the food, drinks, etc. A general rule of thumb is to decide how much you are willing to spend and write down a number. Now increase that number by $100. This will act as a buffer for any problems or last minute adjustments you may encounter. Don’t cut yourself short. Add a buffer.

Alright now that you have a budget, you can go ahead and create your guest list. The classiest way to invite guests is by using invitations. You may not seem to think that this is a necessary step considering it’s a family get-together, but it’s a nice added, personal touch that is unexpected and can make your guests feel more welcome. You can either hire a professional to handle the job for you or you can craft them yourself. Either way, once you have a semi-accurate number of the people you can expect, increase the number of guests by 15%. This will allow you another buffer which will act in direct response to the amount of food and drink you will be serving. You know how everyone has that one family member who brings the unannounced +1 to everything? You want to allow for that. One of the worst nightmares of any host is running out of alcohol, food, soda or whatever. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Add an extra 15% and you should be fine. And hey, the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers, right?

Now that you have an approximate number of guests, add to your party planning checklist the type of food you want and how much. Don’t forget the turkey and all of the traditional trimmings. Always remember to add a little extra to your shopping cart just in case. It’s best to have extra than to run out an hour before midnight, but be frugal, you are acting on a budget. Don’t break the bank by adding anything that is out of your price range. Seriously, your family won’t mind!

Lastly, the idea of creating a checklist is to make sure you can execute it properly. Don’t make unrealistic goals for yourself. If you can’t afford it, keep it off the list. If you only have a small apartment, don’t invite 50 people. If you are having Thanksgiving dinner and only have enough chairs for your family, don’t invite your neighbors. You shouldn’t take the time and exert yourself by trying to create a party that has no real chance of working. So make a checklist that you know will work and when the day arrives, you can feel at ease and enjoy yourself.

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