Popular Dinner Party Themes

In the technology age, there are plenty of things that can be done online and made quicker, easier, and more convenient, right? You can order clothing, wine, even food, however, there are somethings that absolutely need to be done in person…planning your dinner party for example.

Sure the words “dinner party” conjure images of formal suits, champagne, and other upper crust finery, but dinner parties don’t have to be so formal. They can be fun. They can be inventive. And most importantly, they can be wildly popular. So to give you some ideas for your next dinner party, here are some popular dinner party themes we’re sure you’ll love.

Starting off nice and easy are holiday themed dinner parties. No, not the well-known ones like Christmas or Thanksgiving. The holidays we’re talking about are usually the ones you only think about when the post office is closed for the day. They’re vague, don’t require too much planning to set up, and better yet, they don’t have a traditionally set menu. So if you have a deli platter and fried chicken for Leif Erickson Day, no one will bat an eye… although you may have to Google Leif Erickson at some point.

The next popular dinner party theme is as simple as it is practical. An ethnic dinner party. And by that, I mean Chinese, Italian, Japanese, etc. All it requires is both the right food and proper decor to pull this one off successfully. A little red and white tablecloth, a bottle of wine, and a few mouthwatering entrees from your local restaurant, and presto! An Italian themed dinner party is now gracing your home. Choose your favorite country, foods, decor, and drinks and you’re set for an evening your friends will never forget.

Now that we’ve wet our toes in the shallow end of the pool, it’s time to get creative. While the next few possible dinner party themes can be a little more complicated but rest assured, if done correctly, they will be worth all the effort.

First up is a color themed dinner party. Whether it’s the food or the location, these kinds of parties can go a long way with a little thought…and a color wheel of course. With the right shades and complimenting color scheme, you can throw more than a festive dessert party. Lobster, anyone?

Another popular theme for dinner parties is to base it on one dish. Now, this may sound dull, but we haven’t finished yet. Suppose you wanted to have a party that is pasta themed. Obviously you’d have traditional spaghetti but you could also have variations of sauces, meats, and cheeses. You could also have a newly created Mexican-based sauce using ground beef, white cheese, and a few other choice ingredients. You could also vary the pastas as well, like have spaghetti, lo mein, pad thai, etc. Depends on what you have in mind.

That leads us to our final popular theme, and that is basing your party on a book, movie, or tv show. Imagine a dinner party based on Alice in Wonderland. There’d be tarts, sandwiches, oysters, mock turtle soup, and dainty glasses filled with strange, bright colored liquids (punch) with little signs saying “Drink Me” tied to them.However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated if you pick the right theme. The only thing separating an authentic Italian party from a Godfather themed dinner party is a movie soundtrack and a few Italian flags hanging around the place. The sky’s the limit. If you’re pressed for time, keep it simple and keep it fun!

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