Outdoor Dining Ideas for Beautiful Autumn Evenings

Autumn has a distinct look on its own especially if you live in an area with deciduous trees. The experience of watching the leafy green become vibrant orange, bold red and energetic yellow is such a memorable experience. Depending on where you live, temperatures in autumn are just perfect for hosting an incredible outdoor dining experience. Here are some ideas to help you maximize the ambiance of this season.

  • Bring out fall colors in your garden furniture:  

The best way to bring out autumn ambiance is by using the colors of the season. From gold, red and burnt umber orange, these colors are just perfect for the cushions, rugs and throw pillows of any outdoor garden furniture. Your guests will love the feel they add to your outdoor patio without having to decorate heavily. Flowing curtains can also be used to add a touch of drama to the outdoor space especially one that has an ocean view.

  • Ensure sufficient lighting for outdoor activities

There is something unique about lighting especially around an outdoor fireplace, firepit or chiminea, and while most people may not think that outdoor lighting is as important, the sun actually sets sooner in autumn than during summer months.

Consider installing architectural lighting at your canopy, patio and arbor and landscape lighting for the surrounding water features and plants. On the outdoor tables, you can use candles and lanterns and enhance the look with string lights above outdoor umbrellas and trees.

  • Prepare the outdoor summer kitchen

While summer is the best time to eat outdoors, autumn also creates a great atmosphere to eat out and enjoy the moderate temperature. Light up the barbecue and have friends and family come over for a cookout amongst the turning leaves.

Decorate the outdoor kitchen with colorful vegetables and fruits in autumn colored vases and bowls and use planters with bursting foliage to add visual beauty and texture. You can also ask the guests to bring a dish to add to your outdoor grilling experience.

  • Outdoor dining with a view

There is nothing better than an outdoor dining space with a view. If you are among the lucky few who live in Carmel Valley, California, the view is incredibly stunning. You can add beautiful shrubs such as sage and nepeta to complement the amazing natural view.

Fall does not have to be traditional all the way. An outdoor space located in the city with the view of tall buildings is not only elegant but also lovely. Dune dining chairs are a perfect complement to such a space. They help to add a funky and young fall touch to the outdoor space.

  • All about plants

Lush plants are a key ingredient in most outdoor dining spaces. Adding the right greenery can help create privacy while celebrating nature. Certain plants can also help create a more modern statement.

Before you know it, winter will be here taking away the days and nights of dining outside. Get out and enjoy the colored cushions, planters and conversations around the fire. Whichever style you choose, you will certainly enjoy this fall season.

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