5 Formal Dining Room Alternatives

How many times have you used your formal dining room this year? Take a guess. Can you count the times on one hand? If you rarely use your formal dining room, then there is no reason  it should remain as it is. Every square inch of your house should be put to good use, so it’s time for you to think of ways to re-purpose your dining room. We know that it can be difficult to let go of that perfect dining room dream, but if you’re not really using the room for traditional purposes, it’s a good idea to be realistic in how the room is used. If you only use  your formal dining room for the holidays, then it is definitely not worth keeping as a full-time dining room.

If you have decided that you would want to break out of the traditional mold of having a formal dining room, you get to choose from myriads of possibilities that would go beyond dress shoes and three-course meals! Below are five of the best ways to get more out of your formal dining room.

Convert the Space into a Home Office!

Picture the huge dining room table you have right now. Now imagine the same table but with one comfortable desk chair. Boom! Now, you have that home office you have been dreaming of for years! Instead of letting that exquisite piece of furniture sit unused for months, convert it into a desk. You can even use your china cabinet as a storage place for office supplies. If it is time for you to host large dinners again, just clear it all off and bring back the extra chairs!

Make it Your Party Room

This is only ideal if you love having guests over to your place, but you dread the idea of setting up a formal dinner. Turn your dining area into a fun hang-out for friends and family. You can even swap your dining room table with a pool table. For the ultimate party room, install a bar on one side of the room for the cocktails and finger foods. This room will quickly turn into the most popular place in the house in no time!

A Morning Cafe

Instead of having a large oak table in the room, replace it with small café style tables. These tables are inviting, especially if you never miss your daily dose of caffeine. You can read the paper or open the mail in the area. Smaller tables are also easier to move and join together when you host a gathering at your place.

A Guest Room

Does your extended family treat your place as a free hotel? If they do, then consider installing a bed in the dining room. In this instance, a Murphy bed would suit best because it would just look like a shelf when it is stored. You could also consider using a daybed with a trundle underneath. Once your guests arrive, you can instantly turn the area into an impromptu guest room!

The Ultimate Playroom

If you spend most of your time cooking and you would just want your little ones playing close by, turn your formal dining room into a cute playroom. Ditch that fancy table for a craft table and add in book shelves and toy bins. We also recommend placing a comfy rug in the room for added comfort and to give your kids a place to rest their sleepy heads during nap time.

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