Is Eating At Home Cheaper Than Dining Out

Nothing beats the convenience and luxury of dining at a fancy restaurant. The exotic dishes cooked to perfection by professionals are accessible to everyone at extremely low costs these days. People looking to take a day off from grocery shopping and cooking are particularly tempted by the idea of dining out. Then again, there are innumerable advantages of cooking at home. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, dining at home also provides food enthusiasts an opportunity to mix up recipes and season the food exactly as they desire. But is dining at home actually cheaper than going to a restaurant?

With a price comparison of a typical chicken dinner, evaluated that a dinner cooked at home can cost almost 60 percent less than that purchased from a restaurant. By comparing the prices for a classic chicken dinner at Denny’s, Olive Garden, the Cheesecake Factory, and Boston Market, the website estimated that the typical cost of the meal would be around $13.40.

Tips are also considered an important factor when looking at the cost of dining out. Adding a $3 tip would take the total amount to $16.40. Something else that was not factored into the cost of eating out was the added expense of the gas to travel to the restaurant.

In comparison, a list of items required to make an equivalent meal at home was made which included chicken, green beans, a potato, corn, a lemon, herbs, garlic, oil, and salt and pepper. The prices of each item were taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unsurprisingly, the total cost of the meal cooked at home was $6.40.

Although the cost of at-home dining is roughly half of that of eating out, it is essential to analyze the amount of time taken for preparing and consuming each meal. While cooking at home and dining out both take about one hour each, you need to keep in mind that preparing a meal at home requires you to spend time on grocery shopping. The expenses of dining out are daunting for some people. However, ordering takeout has become a regular occurrence for many food aficionados, thereby, reducing the service charges.

While the previous estimations are for a single person’s meal, feeding a family can make the calculations entirely different. Some eateries offer significant discounts for families. After careful consideration of these discounts, it is evaluated that a typical four-person meal can cost around $56, including the tip. In contrast, preparing four similar meals at home would cost about $32. This sum is still almost half of what a restaurant visit would cost.

There are, however, a few promotion deals offered by restaurants during the week which allows kids to eat free of cost. This brings the total cost of a four-person meal to $32. With a promotion deal available, you can avoid the hassle of grocery shopping and dine at your favorite eatery for a low price.

Cooking at home is, without a doubt, the economical choice for single people as well as families. Without promotional deals, you will have to pay a large amount of money for a family dinner at an eatery. Takeout will also cost more than $13 per meal. With the option of cooking at home costing almost half of that of dining out, most people will opt for at-home dining.

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