Dining Sets Role in the Family Dinner

In the United States, families having dinner together, eating and discussing their day has become a quintessential part of our culture. The coming together to share a meal is known as family dinner. The occasion can be a happy one or – if you’re a household with teenages – a tense end to the day. No matter what your family dinners look like though, it has become apart of our culture to come together as a family, and chances are that you come together as a family at dinner time around a dinner table.

It used to be relatively hard for an American family to dine together back in the 18th Century. This was due to lack of the dining room and table concept. The rooms and tables were used for various activities so eating was oddly enough done in shifts or while standing. Women and children would stand as men sat on the little available seats.

The American family dinner owes its origin to the introduction of dining rooms and dining tables from Europe. The Europeans had earlier on embraced the idea of dining rooms and dining tables since during Elizabethan times. The Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home was one of the first homes in America to have a room specially designed for dining back in 1772. The idea of a room with a dining table in the center began to catch up in wealthy homes and then, later on, was translated to middle-class homes across the country.

Later on, from the mid-19th Century, the dining room started becoming a place to cultivate the sense of family amongst Americans. There was the designation of mealtimes for the whole family, and there was also the Victorian parents educating children on table manners and religion.

On the family table, during family dinner, a family was to be unified, agreeable, and pious. This idealistic notion from the 1950’s has given us what we reach for during our dinner times today. Books were written based on family dinner. It is not even the food that is the center of the topic, rather the goal of family dinners is to come together and make families happier together and stronger.

Since the 1950’s, no other place has been such a quintessential image of the American dream. The parents sit on either end while they encourage the children to discuss school and their problems.

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Photo credit: American Dairy Association of Indiana