Decorating Your Table for Saint Patrick’s Day

Every year, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated across America. There are parades, people dress green, and throw parties. No matter how you and your family celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, it can be a fun excuse to decorate your house with green and clovers.

If you’re having a dinner party with friends family, you may especially want to decorate for the occasion. There many ways that you can celebrate this fun holiday with decorations around your dining table.

You can get decorated green plates at most party stores this time of year, as well as fun green wine glasses. Getting green ink with a four leaf clover stamper can make anything you want Saint Patrick’s Day themed too! If you’re using paper plates or napkins, you can use the clover stamp to add that Saint Patrick’s flair to it. Alternatively, if you have green cloth napkins you can learn to do a four leaf clover fold.

You can make the table even more fun with Leprechaun loot chocolate candyGetting your kids to the dinner table will be easy with these candies added to the mix.

Making Cookies using a four leaf clover cookie cutter and green icing will make your table even more appetizing and fun. You can use a decorative tree in the middle to hang the clover cookies off of to make it more decorative, or you can simply have a plate with them to attract the kiddos. Nonetheless, green clover cookies are a fun addition to your Saint Patrick’s Day dinner decorations. If you don’t have time or don’t feel like baking as you get ready for your dinner party, you can even buy cookies like these around Saint Patrick’s Day from most grocery stores.

You can make some Saint Patrick’s Day themed treats as well to make your dining area more festive. Use the tips over at The Lunch Mob for some ideas.

If you’re planning a dinner party, or just want to spice up your dining table this Saint Patrick’s Day, these ideas are sure to add to the mood. For more tips, or if you’re in need of a new dining set to brighten up your dining room this spring, visit Dining and Stools to find the perfect dining set for you and your family.

Credit for ideas goes to Between napson the porch