Decorating For Your Dining Room Part 2

Last week in Decorating For Your Dining Room Part 1, we presented some fabulous ways to rework the decor in your dining room to liven things up a bit and bring new life to your old space.This week, we continue on our quest to conquer dull dining room decor and wow your guests with your mad interior decorating skills. So without further ado…Part 2.

Don’t Forget The Slipcovers

Chairs can be boring and dull at times. One way of sprucing up your dining area is by adding slipcovers to your chairs. Because they come in different colors and designs, you can use slip covers to match the surrounding living areas as well. This helps to tie in your decor choices and makes the area feel like it flows more smoothly. To make the room more personalized, choose slipcovers with your monogram.

Update Your Lighting

The lighting in your dining area can either make or break the ambiance you are trying to convey. If you are thinking of a more modern look, consider using industrial-style lighting. This can be achieved by combining good lighting with natural furnishings like wicker chairs and distressed wood tables. A more homey, country feel comes from lamps placed on small tables or shelves around the room with a smaller hanging fixture over the table.

Paint The Walls

You would be amazed what a simple coat of paint can do to a room. Add depth to your dining area by using deep, rich colors on one main wall of your dining room while keeping the other walls a more neutral color. Feeling daring? Try painting stripes on your walls in complementary colors.

Spruce Up Your Lamp Shades

Say goodbye to dull, boring lamp shades and say hello to design genius! Take your lamp shades to the next level by simply stenciling a picture or your initials onto the shade or hot glue ribbon to the top and bottom of the shade. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. If you’re not particularly crafty, check out sites like Pinterest for ideas. Generally speaking, if you can color in the lines you can handle a Pinterest craft.

Combine Different Patterns

Allow different patterns to complement each other in the dining area to create a harmonious looking room. Step out of your comfort zone and tell yourself it’s okay to have stripes on the walls and florals on the seat cushions. You make the rule book, remember? It’s your home!

Don’t Forget to Keep It Cozy

Coziness can be achieved in so many ways. Ensure the decor as well as the furnishings in your  dining room complement each other so that the area oozes of warmth and elegance. For an extra luxurious touch, combine intricate china cabinets, hand-painted wallpaper and floor-to-ceiling draperies.

Personalize the Space

Try using unique furnishings or decor items that have a special meaning to you in your dining room. Display Aunt Sarah’s quilt on the wall, use Grandma Jenny’s good china, or place black and white pictures of old-time family members in frames on the wall. This makes the dining area more intimate and personal while adding decor pieces that are great conversation starters.

We would love to know which of our dining room decorating tips you enjoyed the most. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us how you enjoy decorating your dining space.

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