Create an Extraordinary At-Home Bar

Many people like to have a nice bar at home where they can reach for their favorite drink without having to spend a small fortune or get into a vehicle and drive. While some people opt to have a corner cabinet or a special shelf set out in the house to serve as a home bar, there are those who like the whole shebang: to go the extra mile and have a home bar that wows them in design as well as content. Some of the best at-home bars to set up include:

Elegant Mediterranean Bar

This at-home bar looks like it comes straight from a Bond movie. The woodwork is elegant with a great finish. It includes a granite countertop and has enough space for your own bartender. The back of the bar has a waist-high long cabinet with compartments to place your drinks and a longer cabinet near the entrance at the back where you could keep the top-shelf goods as your reserved stock.

Wet Bar Cutout

This is a simple yet elegant bar style. It is cut into the wall,  has a lower cabinet, layered bottom and a granite top. Additionally, it has top shelves with wood and glass doors and a built-in wine rack to perfect the finish. This is one at-home bar that is perfect for a small home because it does not use up much space.

Private Pool Hall

Combining gaming, relaxation and entertainment, this bar has corner high seats and a high table as well. Neatly included in a corner is any typical bar setup. It has a short and slender wooden counter with space for more high chairs; about two to three. Since it can be included at the edge of the room, it has space for a bartender behind the counter as well.

Secluded Cellar

This is a better fit for homes with large spaces to fill. You could set aside an entire room just for this. Put wine barrels and rustic décor, including a rustic counter made from aged stone or wood and voila! You have an Elizabethan-era cellar. A wine rack with compartments for all types of wine is included as well.

Italian Tasting Room

If space is an issue then this is the perfect at-home bar you should choose. Made out of a high quality wood and carved into a small space in a corner or even in the space beneath a staircase, this bar is simple with a touch of class. It has two main compartments at the top with wooden swing doors and a glass display so you can see the “merchandise”. The counter is minimal and carved in between the top and the bottom compartments. The lighting on the counter makes it all the more appealing to the eye. It pairs well with a high, long-necked table and some bar stools placed right next to it.

Rustic Mediterranean Wine Cave

Picture this: rusty stones and high arches, a long oval counter leaving room for many high stools and chairs all around and enough space in between for a barman. This is what this bar has to offer. It takes up quite some space and would look best in the middle of a spacious room, particularly as a partition for different sections of the room.

Country Cocktails

Wine and a good read! Those are two things that pair well. This bar is set in the typical kitchen-manner: two shelves in-between two cabinets with wooden doors with glass display, a counter, two drawers underneath the counter and two cabinets beneath those drawers. In-between these drawers there’s a chilling cabinet as well to keep the drinks at just the desired temperature before serving and retreating to your reading nook.

Hidden Lounge

This bar is safely tucked away behind a hidden door. It has cabinets below the counter for storage and a delicate glass shelf a considerable distance away from the countertop to keep the good stuff in a special place.

Private Clubhouse

Like the game room, this bar has a nook for the big screen television, cabinets and a shelf on each side of this nook for storing drinks and more cabinets on the bottom of the counter to store even more drinks! It also has space for movement or a bartender and an extra counter and cabinets beneath this as well. It is extremely spacious and perfectly finished with a wooden cut-out to connect whoever is serving and being served.

Merlot Escape

Neatly hidden in a special room, this bar has a great semi-circular counter with tons of space at the back. The wooden wall-unit has enough space to fit all the drinks you want in any variety you choose. This option is a wine lover’s best friend.

Wooden Taproom

This type of at-home bar is actually a room purely dedicated to the bar. It is entirely wooden, complete with a counter and shelves behind the counter to store the drinks. It is the home bar version of a cozy and rustic country lodge.

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