Choosing A Rug For Your Dining Room

Would you like to have a beautiful dining room but don’t know which rug to choose? Maybe you have already chosen your dining set from Dining and Stools and you are looking for rugs to match? Dining rooms are the center for meals large and small; anything from a simple lunch with the kids to a dinner party. Generally speaking, the dining room is a low-traffic area, but it can be soiled quite easily. This is why we suggest choosing rugs that are easily cleaned and can withstand considerable wear-and-tear. Here are some simple steps to follow in choosing rugs for your dining room.

Consider Quality

Would you like to have a lifetime investment or just an upgrade to the décor of your dining room? Depending on your budget, you can get hand-knotted or silk rugs for a little more than you would spend on an average quality rug. If you want machine-made dining room rugs, there are options such as acrylic, nylon and polypropylene to choose from. These various options enable you to have the rugs of your choice for the price you can afford. Being able to enjoy personal space and originality in your dining room as well as upgrading your decor doesn’t have to be expensive.

Rug Style

Do you prefer a traditional to contemporary style decor in your dining room? Would you like to have Oriental, Persian or European rugs which show a touch of class in their patterns, color and style? Or maybe you would rather have contemporary styles that are more modern which could include shag and braided rugs, or pile-weave rugs that are made with geometric or modern patterns. Possibly a blend of these two fits your dining room better than one single style. Whatever your style, there are no rules when choosing your decor. Keep your rug choice authentic to your personal taste. After all, your decor is an expression of your style.

Select Rug Texture and Color

How do you like your dining room? Quiet and cozy or loud and rowdy? The rug texture and color you choose for your dining room determines the statement your dining room makes. You should also carefully consider the fabrics you already have in the room. Heavy patterned fabrics require you to have simply-patterned rugs so that your dining room may feel more restful. If you are looking for a cozy feel, try traditional themed rugs. If you are looking for increased depth and visual texture in your dining room, try shag rugs with dramatic or subtle heights in face yarn.

Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room With Rugs

  • Use rugs to define areas or separate them within a space.
  • If you choose to hang your rugs on your dining room wall, use them as a focal point
  • Choose the color of your furniture and accessories from your rug’s color. Find one color in your rug that you want to accentuate throughout the room and head on over to Dining and Stools and choose furniture that goes well with that color. If your rugs have more than one color, choose one for your summer décor and another one for winter décor.
  • Focus on having rugs that complement each other. Don’t go for matching colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns, but rather consider different sizes, colors, shape and patterns to complement one another.
  • Express your style with the rugs you choose for your dining room. Let them have a personalized touch so that each time people look at them, they can see your personality come out.

These are some of our simple tips to help make your dining room look beautiful. Rugs aren’t just for walking on anymore; they are pieces of artwork to enjoy. We’d love to hear how you chose to incorporate rugs into your dining room decor. Please feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your story.