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At Dining & Stools Unlimited we love to sell Bermex furniture because when you choose Bermex you are assured of quality craftsmanship and a superior finish on a high end Canadian-made product. Bring your creative vision to us and we will help you choose from these styles…Contemporary, Traditional, American Country and French country. Once you […]

Dining tables have so many shapes and sizes. Of course, the look of your dining table is very important. But ensuring it properly fits your space and provides enough seating is even more critical. Your dining table should comfortably accommodate the number of people you want. It should also leave enough space for people to […]

Nothing beats the convenience and luxury of dining at a fancy restaurant. The exotic dishes cooked to perfection by professionals are accessible to everyone at extremely low costs these days. People looking to take a day off from grocery shopping and cooking are particularly tempted by the idea of dining out. Then again, there are […]

Every year, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated across America. There are parades, people dress green, and throw parties. No matter how you and your family celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, it can be a fun excuse to decorate your house with green and clovers. If you’re having a dinner party with friends family, you may especially […]

We all see and use bar stools from time to time in bars or businesses. You may have even gotten some for your house! However, have you ever thought about the history of these odd looking chairs? It may seem like an odd question at first, but why have bar stools instead of normal chairs? […]

If you intend to invite people over to your house for a holiday meal or party, you may want to fix up damaged wood to ensure it does not ruin the feel of your décor. The nicks and scratches of everyday use on a table can provide a feeling of character, however, if it is […]