The Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Right Dining Room Chairs

When buying the right dining room chairs, there is more to consider than just the style and the size of the chairs. In homes with children, the chairs should be comfortable, strong, and durable. They should also have a relatively upright back so that the person dining can lean back while still sitting close to the dining table.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Dining Room Chairs

Before selecting the chairs for your dining room, there are several factors to consider. It is important take the measurements of the space available to determine the number and the size of the chairs that will fit around the dining room table. You don’t want the space to seem cramped; you want your guests to be able to get to and from the table comfortably. Another consideration is the amount of space underneath the table. Will there be enough room for your guests to stretch out their legs if they so choose?

Size and Number of Dining Room Chairs

After assessing the amount of space you have for your table and chairs, the next consideration would be the size and the number of the dining room chairs. The number of chairs depends on the average number of guests you expect to have at any one time. Be sure to allow plenty of room between each of the chairs for guests to sit comfortably and have enough elbow room. It is a generally accepted practice to allow at least 24 inches of space between guests to ensure their comfortable.

Leg Placement

It is important to check the leg placement and size on your dining room chairs just be sure that each chair has adequate leg room when pushed into the table. Do not purchase the chairs with broad legs as they usually consume a lot of space and are quite difficult to fit under the table.

Chair Style

Choosing the style of your dining room chairs can become quite overwhelming. With the broad list of choices on the market today, you can find pretty much anything you are looking for. From traditional styles to chairs with a somewhat more modern flair, Dining and Stools offers a plethora of options. The only rule to choosing your dining room chairs is to make sure that they compliment your table if they are not purchased as a set. Here is a quick overview of some of our more popular styles.

Armchairs or Armless Chairs

Choosing between armchairs or armless chairs is a matter of personal preference and taste. The armless chairs consume less space compared to the armchairs. However, the armchairs are more comfortable than the armless and are suitable for older people or those with physical disabilities or chronic knee or hip issues. They often use the arms to enable them stand up and sit down easily. It is important to consider who will be dining at the table a majority of the time. Additionally, if you decide to go with armchairs, measure the height of the chair to make sure that the arms fit under the table.

Formal or Informal Chairs

Deciding to use either formal or informal dining room chairs is based on how you intend to use the room a majority of the time. Clearly if you have a house full of toddlers and teenagers you will want to choose more informal chairs as opposed to someone whose lifestyle requires that they entertain in their home or host formal dinner parties regularly.

Dining Room Chair Materials

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of materials to choose from when purchasing your dining room chairs. Popular styles include metal, acrylic, wood, upholstered, and rattan or wicker. You can discuss the best option for your needs with our Dining and Stools professional team member.

Buying dining room chairs from Dining and Stools

If you are looking for the chairs for your dining room, then Dining and Stools is your best option. Dining and Stools offers a wide range of dining room chairs that are the epitome of quality craftsmanship. We have affordable options and will work with you to meet your needs. If you would like to see our style selection online, log into .