6 of the Latest Dining Room Trends

You know that extra, unused space in your dining room that just sits there and collects dust? If you listen carefully, you can hear that space crying out for some chic design work. All it wants is to be as important and useful as the rest of your room. Here is a list of the 6 top dining room trends you simply must try to convert your spare dining room space into a designer’s delight.

Use Benches Instead of Chairs

It might seem uncommon to have benches in the dining room, however, benches are taking over in today’s world, especially since communal seating has become all the rage. Benches don’t only save space, they are a more affordable option than chairs. Another benefit of using benches instead of individual chairs is that they create a more intimate environment without interfering with the seating capacity.

Choose Unique Lighting Fixtures

When you want to transform your dining room, you will need to consider more than just a standard crystal chandelier. Your best bet is to find light fixtures that are unique enough to capture the attention of your guests. The lighting that you choose can be customized into anything based on your preference. Some choose fixtures that have the design of forks and spoons collections. The sky’s the limit! Regardless of what you choose for the design of your dining room lighting, make sure that it matches the surrounding theme. Also, it should be unique enough to lighten up the mood in the room as well.

Mix and Match Decor Styles

Initially, many people preferred a matched set of chairs and tables in their dining room. However, things are changing, and most are now opting for a blend of styles. This includes different fabrics, furniture styles, as well as a blend of finishes. All this helps to make the dining room more welcoming and less unnatural. When you blend the seats, it gives the room a homey and relaxed feel.

Bring in Oversized Accessories

Many homeowners are switching to big accessories, which is a trendy move. Super-sized mirrors, artwork, or frames make the room elegant and extra lively. You can hang the accessories or carefully place them to lean against the wall. Either way, the oversized décor makes the dining room stylish and bold. If you are to choose a piece of artwork, go for one that is food-based. Such an art piece can help to enhance the elegance of the room.

Mirror the Room

While many people prefer to place mirrors on the walls, they can be placed relatively anywhere in a modern house. For instance, you can have mirrored furniture that adds drama to the room. Mirrored Sideboards and buffets can also look beautiful in the dining room. The classic mirror design is a significant consideration for the dining room because the finishes help to hide the typical wear and stain.

Go Rustic

A rustic theme will convert your dining room and make it extra chic. For instance, having a wood table with rough curves brings in a relaxed vibe to the room. Such a look can give the dining room a warm and welcoming, less formal feel.

As you look forward to tuning up your dining room, ensure that you choose a theme that is relevant and in keeping with current trends. This is a place for eating, so go for an appropriate style. Stop in to Dining & Stools for all of your dining room needs. We will take the time to not only answer all of your questions, but we’ll also share with you our latest designs that our customers are raving about.