5 Ways to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Mixing and matching dining chairs for your dining set may seem like an odd idea, but it can be a fun way to make your dining room look different and fun. You don’t have to be a professional to pull off a great and unique design as you can easily adjust the current style you have to your liking by tweaking, removing, or adding some new dining furniture. Having a unique style expresses your inspiration, innovativeness, and taste. If this something that seems appealing to you, check out these tips on how to mix and match your dining chairs to make your dining room unique.

Chairs with Different Colors

To get the dining sets or chairs that you adore, you don’t have to have a big budget as what you like may be just an ordinary or old dining furniture and paint. You can paint chairs any number of different colors and their complements to make your dining room look how you want.

Tip: You can paint any color uniformly although many people prefer black or white

Accent Chairs

Under this dining and stools style, you can mix different accented chairs or add some color that pops on the ends to make your design attractive. You can use contrasting or complimenting colors to match the rest of your set or furniture.

Tip: Take advantage of last call or sample sale chairs that may be missing the full set

Neutral Design

By sticking with neutral designs, you can still have an exciting dining set look provided you do it in a stylish way. To do that, you may need furniture made of black or white colored woods and metals. You can opt to mix them together or use them separately.

Tip: stick with neutrals if the color is not your thing

Traditional and modern mix

This style involves mixing things up preferably with both traditional and modern dining sets or dining chairs to get a dramatic contrast.

Tip: You can buy modern or traditional chairs at Dining and Stools

Changing Upholstery

You can take this as your little DIY project by making your dining chairs different or similar. So, how to do you do that? By swapping the upholstery on your seats. You either use the same fabric on mismatched chairs to tie them together or make each of your matching set different. It is one of the budget friendly do-it-yourself projects you can do to spice up your dining room.

Tip: This is an excellent way to update your old set(s)

Although you can follow the tips above, what matters most is how you take any or several styles above and improve them in a unique way. It doesn’t matter whether you have the magic eye for matching and mixing different texture, colors, styles, and shapes or not because it is your preferences that matter most. But you can try to get your magic combo by going through the tons of inspiration available online.

Photo credit: Pixabay