15 Ways You Can Make Your Dining Room Standout

How do you make your dining room stand out for any occasion whether formal or informal? You can create the right ambiance for everyday meals or dinner parties by following the tips below:

1. Enhance the Window Treatments

Forget the same old boring window treatments. Instead, opt for unique patterns and fabrics for curtains. Take for instance hand printed Chinese patterns, or brighter colors such as white, lemon yellow, and turquoise…all perfect choices to spice up your dining room.

2. Allow More Natural Lighting

Did you know you can make the dining room more inviting and interesting by allowing in more natural light? A few ways to make this happen is by using lighter or more translucent fabric for sheers or window treatments or opting for white woodwork around your windows.

3. How Is your Ceiling?

Rather than choosing an ordinary chandelier, consider using a larger lighting fixture that breathes new life into the dining room. A good option may be something with a flower or tree design; something in keeping with a nature theme.

4. Think Vintage

Picture having lemon yellow vinyl seats, wire side dining stools, or classic tables in white. In addition to being incredibly unique, this style brings out a sophisticated and classic feel that your friends and family will be talking about for days.

5. Make a Bold Statement With Your Flooring

Forego plain flooring. Instead choose something unusual that adds depth to your dining room. Wavy or zigzag designs, checkered floors (black and white), or wooden instead of ceramic flooring are all incredible ways to go all out on your flooring.

6. Brighten the Dining Table

The dining table is a centerpiece of the dining room. You can make it more appealing by including something that is less traditional like a few of the options from our contemporary and metal collections.

7. Think Wallpaper

Using wall paper is one of the easiest fixes that can be done in a short time. You should remember to focus on unique designs such as hand printed, hand painted, or exotic styles.

8. Mismatch Your Dining Room Chairs

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary by mismatching the dining chairs. You may incorporate one bamboo, one wrought iron, and one vintage chair. You may also play around with the color schemes and fabrics.

9. Go Boldly

Traditionally, people opt for simple, traditional colors, but brighter and bolder colors add more life to your dining room. Try thinking velvet, turquoise, lemon-yellow, and the like. The sky’s the limit.

10. Include a Patterned Table Cloth

You can add a world of depth by covering your dining room table with a patterned table cloth. Good choices include hand painted, printed, embroidered, or flower patterns. High-end table cloths can be found online or at fine linen stores.

11. Change the Scale

Go for a large lantern instead of a small or medium type. Consider using rectangular or square vases instead of the more common circular or oval varieties. Change things up a bit. Add a level of surprise to your decor.

12. Experiment With Patterns

Common patterns are good but rare patterns are more inviting. Think of going for cube or mosaic patterns on the main wall. Another popular option is to paint one wall of your dining room a bold color while leaving the other three walls more basic.

13. Invest in a Custom Table

Make the dining area more lavish and interesting by including a custom dining table. You may go for a Victorian, Edwardian, or even a modern contemporary. We have all options under the sun here at Dining and Stools. Stop on in and take a look!

14. Play With Art

Be super creative when choosing artwork for your dining room. Include a canvas painting or wall hanging on one of the walls. You can also experiment with using asymmetry rather than symmetrical balance.

15. Create More Space

Remove any unwanted decor objects or furnishings from the room. This may be an old stool or chair in the corner or maybe an old vase that just doesn’t serve it’s purpose any longer. Also, if your need allows, reduce the chairs from eight to six.

The above tips will make your dining room a more creative, unique, and fun environment. Whether you go for switching up your window treatments, lighting options, decor, or table and chairs it’s vital to always choose high-quality items.