10 Best Bar Games for Your Home Bar

If you own a home bar, it is important to continually work on enhancing its social appeal and ambience. Bar games are perfectly suited for this purpose. Here is a list of ten games that are sure to raise the popularity and fun factor of your bar to the next level.

Table games

Table games are a bit expensive, but it can be rewarding to invest in at least one of them. Examples of some of the more popular table games include foosball, shuffleboard, air hockey and pool. Some may argue that table games are more appropriate for larger bars. If your bar is small, you may want to consider using your space for sitting room for your guests.

Board games

Simple board games are great for creating a social atmosphere and stimulating conversation among your guests. You can use the regular decks or be more innovative and try games such as Taboo, Jenga or even games for a more adult crowd like Cards Against Humanity. Remember to get cards that are liquid-resistant.

Jukebox apps

Music is an essential component of generating a fun atmosphere in your bar. Juke box apps today have replaced the timeless and widely popular jukebox. There are apps like Rockbot which allow people to select songs on a pre-approved bar playlist. The apps are easy to configure and your guests can also play the songs on their phones and share them on social media platforms like Twitter.


This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of livening up the party at your home bar. Playing dice involves nothing more than providing some cups and dice to guests in your bar so they can quickly start enjoying some lighthearted fun. Each player can also be given a card containing instructions about some popular dice games.


The game of darts is the quintessential bar game, and it is quite affordable when compared to table games. Provided you have enough space in your bar, the game can provide your guests with hours of fun. You can even hold a tournament and offer a cash prize.

Photo booth

Good old-style photography still has appeal in this age of selfies, especially after a person has had a few drinks. A photo booth is an awesome way of delighting your guests. You can purchase a ready-made electronic booth or make it yourself. Remember to place some fun props in the booth and put up a creative background. Don’t forget some novelty photo frames!

Bartender competition

As the bartender in your home bar, you can also get in on the act. Play games such as rock-paper-scissors with the guests. If the guest wins, they can be rewarded with a specified drink. They will help to create a fun vibe in your bar. You can also remake a few scenes from “Cocktail” and show off your Tom Cruise moves.


Also known as corn toss, tailgate toss or bean bag toss, cornhole is another affordable option- particularly if your bar is expansive. A board and several bean bags is all you need to set up the game, and it is especially suited for a bar that has a patio or an outdoor space.

Bar roulette

This is a great way of turning the simple act of ordering a drink into a game. When a guest requests  a drink, they are offered the chance of turning a roulette wheel, and the outcome is a special drink that you have mixed. Those guests who are undecided or those who love to take risks can spin the wheel and sample new drinks.

Wall of fame

Create a crazy challenge where your guests can compete with one another. The winner is rewarded with a spot on the wall of fame which is placed in an area that is visible to everybody. Challenges can include eating contests, trivia or song lyric sing alongs…be creative!


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Image courtesy of @wewon31 on flickr.com.